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Leon Car & Moto Rental Terms & Conditions

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1. DRIVING LICENSE.The driver must be at least 23 years old, and up to 73. In case of 4×4 or a mini-van rental, the minimum age is 25.The driver’s license must be valid for at least one year. If the license is not issued by an EU member-country, then the driver must have a valid international driving permit, along with their national one.

It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure, before the booking of a vehicle, that they hold the appropriate driving license.In any case, copies of the driver’s license,such as email files, photocopies or facsimiles, will not be accepted.

2. PAYMENT METHODS. Payment is done in cash or by credit card (VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD) at the beginning of the rental (we do not accept American Express cards). Prices include VAT and city taxes.

3. INSURANCE COVERAGE.The renter can choose between the following types of insurances: SIMPLE THIRD PARTY INSURANCE: It covers a driver’s personal accident up to 12.000€, injuries to third parties up to 1.000.000€ andproperty damages to third parties up to 1.000.000€.It does not cover damages of the rented vehicle. Simple insurance is included in the vehicles’ prices. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER(C.D.W.): The renter can limit their responsibility to damages of  the rented vehicle for groups Α, Α1, A2, Β: 600,00€· C: 700,00€· D, D1 800,00 € , E, E1, E2, F, F1: 1.000,00€· G:1,000.00€, G1: 1.300,00€, G2: 1,500.00€. Prices do not include VAT. It does not cover damages of the underbody, the tires, the wheels, the windscreens and the windows of the vehicle (the renter has to pay for such damages). In any case, no insurance type covers the loss or damage of the keys, as well as damages of the interior of the vehicles. The insurance will not be valid in case the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or has violated the Highway Code/traffic rules.

4. FINANCIAL LIABILITIES OF THE RENTERFuel is paid by the renter, who must return the vehicle with a full reservoir, as it was when picked up.Tickets and fines are payed by the renter, who is responsible for any traffic violationoccurring during the rental. The local authorities will ask for the renter’s personal information, so the payment of the fine or ticket will be requested even after the rental has finished, in case the pay-off has not been already arranged.In casethe vehicle plates get withheld by the authorities, the renter will be obliged to pay all the rental fees until the vehicle plates are returned.

5. LEGAL LIABILITIES OF THE RENTER. The renter makes sure that the condition of the car is good as soon as they receive it.The renter agrees to follow the traffic rules and not to use the rented vehicle for speed races, in compact or sandy terrains.In case of an accident, the driver agrees to stop the vehicle and inform “Leon Rent a Car” about the incident. It is forbidden more passengers than the ones allowed by the Greek law or the manufacturer of each specific vehicle, to be inside or on the vehicle.

For safety reasons,the renters will be required to set their baby or booster seats themselves.

It is FORBIDDEN to ferry the rented vehicle without the written approval/authorization of the company. It is also forbidden to pass the country’s borders with the rented vehicle.

It is FORBIDDEN to carry pets in the vehicle. However, small pets are allowed under the strict condition that they are carried in special pet cages or bags.

  • All reservations refer to a vehicle group and not to a specific vehicle. In case of no availability, the company retains the right to offer an upgrade without any additional charge.
  • The company has the right to reclaim the vehicle if it has or is being used in violation of the terms of the rental contract or the law.
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