Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is located less than 80 meters away from the ferry, in Korissia’s port. We prepare your contract and you pick up your vehicle.

The driver’s license must be valid for at least one year. If the license is not issued by an EU member-country, then the driver must have a valid international driving permit, along with their national one.

When you come to our office, you will be asked to show us your passport or ID.In any case, a valid driving license is required, as photocopies, pictures in electronic devices such as mobile phones, or computer files such as emails, will not get accepted.

We will also ask for your credit card, in order to write its number and expiry date on your contract. American Express cards are not accepted by our agency.

Each vehicle can have up to two drivers. For the second driver there is an additional charge.

When you pick up your vehicle, you can either pay in cash or by credit card. We accept MasterCard, Maestro and VISA cards.

No, the credit card is needed only for guarantee reasons. We will not hold money from it.

The renter is obligated to return the vehicle with the same volume of fuel that he picked it up.

There is no limit on the distance you can drive. You can travel freely any day without any limit or additional charge.

This is your choice. Apart from the simple third party insurance, we provide C.D.W.

You can find more information about the insurance options in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

It is forbidden to transport the rental vehicle outside the island of Kea.

If you have a pet, you must inform our company prior to your booking/rental. You are allowed to carry only small pets in our vehicle.
You must use appropriate containers for their transportation such as special bags for three reasons:
1. Their safety, and yours.
2. The containment of animal hair, in order the vehicle to get cleaned effectively (absolutelyessential for avoidance of allergy incidents)
3. Avoiding causing damage to the interior of the vehicle.
Otherwise, you might be charged with the cost of bio-cleaning the car, or the cost of the damages caused inside of it.

Traffic fines you may get are your responsibility, so you should arrange the payment prior to the drop-off, and inform “Leon Rent a Car” about it.

In case of an accident you must contact our office and call the traffic police.

If the cancellation occurs:
-up to 15 days prior to the scheduled pick-up, your deposit will be fully refunded.
-from 15 to 5 days prior to the scheduled date of the pick-up, 40% of your deposit will be refunded.
– less than 5 days before the scheduled pick-up, your deposit will not get refunded.

You can send an email or call us any day of the week. We will gladly process your request, and make the change, if our availability permits it.

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